Patricia & Jason with Munchkins // Family Session in Hudson

This family is ridiculous… LY funny, cute, quirky, adorable and tons of other things we can’t properly explain so that’s why we take photos. Patti & Jason have their hands full with a house of redheads running around but that just means more FUN for everyone. Today’s melt-your-heart guests are (from big to small) Juliet, Grant, Scarlett and then Bennett, who easily stole the blog and made it the ‘Bennett Hour – Live from Hudson’. We couldn’t help it. Really. You’ll see what we mean soon enough. We love this family and we know you’ll absolutely go crazy over them too…

Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-1 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-2 Hand on the head. Yes, this is my brother. ;o)Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-3 Mom and Dad photos? Freeedddooommmmm! Time for an escape.Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-4-5 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-6 We always love getting couples away from the kids for a few moments, which they seemed to enjoy…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-7-8 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-9 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-10-11 Are you kidding us with this cuteness? I think these kids have seen a camera before…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-12-13 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-14-15 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-16 What? You’ll be doing a blog just about ME? OK. Make sure you get my adorable red curls.Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-17 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-18 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-19-20 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-21 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-22 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-23 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-24-25 OK. Just TOO CUTE!Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-26

Due to Christy’s distraction by all the cute kiddos, this is the only one of me she got. So that’s why I’m posting it. Now on the right, I think she was saying something like, “STOP. It’s time for just you two. Alone time. No kids.” As you can see by the confused faces they weren’t quite expecting some time together but that’s what we provide during our family sessions… 5 minutes of babysitting while getting some great shots of Mom & Dad. ;o)Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Patricia_Jason_Munchkins-27-28

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.
Desmond Tutu
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