Paige & Eric // Engagement Session at The Ledges

Paige & Eric must have special ordered a perfect summer day for their engagement session because that’s what we had at The Ledges with them. Not only are they a super sweet couple, but their puppy we got to meet is super cute too (you’ll see her later, don’t worry). Paige & Eric were troopers and didn’t mind some hiking while we hunted for some great locations to photograph, which we definitely found and love how they turned out. We’ve been excited to show these two off, so here they are…

Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-1 Already laughing in the first two minutes. We’d call that a good start!Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-2 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-3 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-4 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-5-6 We LOVE the layers and textures mixed with the emotion of this photo…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-7 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-8 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-9 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-10 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-11 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-12 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-13-14 We had fun meeting their dog ‘BUCA’ for a few minutes…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-15 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-16 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-17 Ha! Love this sweet girl…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-18 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-19 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-20 Gorgeous portraits, Paige! We love when the sunshine lights up a redhead. ;o)Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-21 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-22-23 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-24 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-25

And a few of us doing our thing…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-26 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Paige_Eric-27

We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.
Ralph Hattersley
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