Melissa & Shaun // Engagement Session in Downtown Akron

These two are 100% adorable. End of story. Well, not quite, because we can’t actually stop ourselves from saying more about this totally cute couple. Melissa and Shaun were so much fun to explore downtown Akron with. We can’t count the times we laughed with them or smiled at the preview screen on our cameras because it just kept getting more and more amazing. Melissa is a natural in front of the lens and she really worked the magic on top of our favorite parking garage. She’s gorgeous, goofy and glamorous, which is our favorite triple threat. As a couple, they’re super sweet together and we feel like they allowed us to capture who they really are and create a lasting picture of what their relationship feels like.

It’s easy (most of the time) to just smile at a camera when grandma or your aunt says “Hey, smile!” with your first reaction toothy grin and then go back to what you were doing. But to do that for over an hour takes effort and energy, but that’s why we always try to keep our sessions as casual as possible. This allows the jitters and awkwardness to float away while our couples interact and laugh with each other. We love when people are real for us. We love to see personalities come out and couples actually have fun getting their photo taken! Melissa and Shaun are a perfect example of this. We’re so happy with our photos from this session and we’ve been excited to get them on the blog. We know you’re excited too, so without further delay…

eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-1 This is within the first 5 minutes of the session. Are you kidding us with this cuteness!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-2 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-3 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-4-5 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-6 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-7-8 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-9 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-10-11 We love love LOVE these photos…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-12 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-13-14 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-15 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-16 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-17 Such a great looking couple!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-18 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-19-20 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-21 A quick outfit change to some sexy heals and summer dress and we were back to the magic!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-22-23 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-24 We could have done an entire blog of just Melissa’s portraits. That hair. Those eyes. You’re a natural, Melissa! We love these!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-25 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-26-27 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-28 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-29 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-30eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-31-32 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-33 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-34 It was such a gorgeous day with amazing clouds, so of course we had to get some classic sky shots.eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-35-36 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-37 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-38 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-39 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-40 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-41

And a few of us enjoying the day and doing our thing…

Christy risking her life for the photo. OK, it’s not like it was a car or anything.eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-42 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-43-44 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-45 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_engagement_melissa_shaun-46

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
Nora Ephron - When Harry Met Sally
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