Kristine & Jacob // Wedding at Greystone Hall in Downtown Akron

We had the pleasure of photographing our last wedding of 2016 with Kristine and Jacob, who are simply one of the sweetest couples we’ve worked with all year. This fact was later confirmed during the reception toasts when they were described as “sweet as a peach” and “the nicest guy in the world”. Sounds about right! Not only were they a wonderful bride and groom to work with, they also proved to be ready for an adventure because November didn’t disappoint again this year with windy temps in the 30’s and even some light snow during portraits. But even that couldn’t stop Kristine and Jacob from looking incredible or having a great time together, as you’ll soon see. (Seriously, these two should do magazine ads for formal wear or vacation packages.)

It makes us so happy when couples are willing to be brave with us and trust us when we say “inside would be cozy and average, but outside will be awesome and fun even though we’ll freeze a little”. We don’t think anyone will disagree that we made the right decision. And once the snowflakes started falling, we were like kids in a candy store soaking up the beauty of this couple and their day and created some of our favorite photos of the year. Numb fingers and an hour of goose bumps were worth the amazing results. Thankfully the party bus came along to be our warm-up shelter and temporary igloo for the whole bridal party until it was their turn to enjoy the briskness as well. They were fantastic and gave us some hilarious group photos. After that, it was back to Greystone Hall for the ceremony and reception where everyone stayed warm by dancing the night away. It was an amazing day from beginning to end and we are so glad to have been part of this wedding…

eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-1-2 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-3 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-4-5 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-6 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-7 We always love a sweet First-Look with couples…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-8 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-9 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-10-11 We had a few minutes before we headed outside so we figured we’d put this great staircase to use. Proof that experiments can become favorites from the day…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-12 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-13-14 You guys look way too happy for 36 degrees. ;o)eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-15 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-16-17 Wow, Krissy. Just wow…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-18 Good job too, Jake.eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-19 Love these reflection shots…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-20eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-21 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-22 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-23 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-24 And then the snow (Oh beautiful snow!) started falling so Krissy grabbed her stole for some extra warmth and we began to create what would soon become some of our favorite portrait photos of 2016. We love every single one of these and all the others that we couldn’t fit into the blog. And like always with our photography, we keep it real. These are real people with real snow on a really cold day with only 10 minutes to create what we wanted. No filters or fake snowflakes here. This is the real deal. This is what unbelievable looks like…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-25 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-26 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-27-28 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-29 You two are ridiculously cute…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-31-35 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-32 This might be the winner for the day. To infinity and beyond.eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-33 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-35-30 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-36eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-37 These are simply stunning, Krissy.eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-38 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-39 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-40 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-41 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-42 And then it was the bridal party’s turn to have some fun, which they definitely did…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-43 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-44 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-45 HA! You guys were fantastic! Who cares if you’re cold when you’re having such a great time.eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-46 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-47 Gorgeous group of ladies. Love the mixed black dresses.eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-48 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-49 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-50 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-51 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-52-53 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-54 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-55 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-56-57 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-58 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-59-60 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-61 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-62 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-63-64 A few great toasts and then it was dinner and party time!eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-65-66 I wondered why people kept looking out the window during the reception. Oh, that’s why…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-67 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-68-69 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-70 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-71-72 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-73 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-74-75 Jake really pulled out the moves toward the end. Love it!eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-76 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-77 A beautiful snowy night to end an amazing day…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-78

And a few of us enjoying the day and doing our thing… in hats apparently.eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-79-80 Behind the scenes with Eric and Christy. Gotta keep that dress clean.eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-81 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-82 It was all worth it…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_wedding_kristine_jacob-83

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