Kortni & Aaron // Wedding at Blue Heron Event Center

Kortni & Aaron had one of those gorgeous sunlit wedding days that couldn’t have been more perfect. If you know us and our style, we love rich color and warm smiles and we got plenty of both. The greens and yellows just glow in every photo and the laughter and smiles kept coming throughout the day. We loved this whole group who was wild, fun and friendly and we had such a good time with them. Here’s a quick peek at how incredible this day was…

But before that happened, it started like this… Moments with the parents are always wonderful to capture… And you’re married! Love this exit photo… Blue Heron was such a beautiful venue. Can’t get a backdrop like that just anywhere… You guys were so much fun, so you get TWO crazy photos… Now THAT’S how you bro hug! You looked so gorgeous, Kortni! These are stunning and we love that smile ;o)
We could play with sunlight and colors all day. We LOVE these… We always enjoy a good bridge and we got our use out of this one. Really liked all the angles we got from it… Some great entrances and toasts and then it was party time! If you can’t tell, the night got a little crazy! We always love finding these romantic moments in the middle of a crowded dance floor…

And a few of us doing our thing… like photo-bombing each other! Always helpful to have some fun bridesmaids willing to help make the bride & groom laugh. This is called ‘stand back and just let the magic happen’ photography.

True love stories never have endings.
Richard Bach
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