Kelly & Michael // Engagement Session in Akron

We can’t remember the last time we laughed so loud or often during an engagement session as we did with Kelly and Michael. They’re without a doubt one of the cutest, sweetest and giggliest (yes, that is now a word) couples we’ve spent an afternoon with. This was our third time photographing Kelly; twice as a bridesmaid and now as a soon-to-be bride herself. Since we knew her, we knew what to expect… big smiles and lots of fun. And our expectations were definitely exceeded. We spent the afternoon exploring a great park in Akron, which is one of our favorite locations for portraits any time of the year. There is so much variety, vibrance and beauty all contained within one spot. We’re always incredibly happy with our photos from there and our day with Kelly and Michael was no exception…

eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-1 This was within the first two minutes. Are you kidding us with this cuteness!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-2 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-3-4 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-5 You two are so incredibly easy and fun to work with!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-6 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-7 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-8-9 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-10 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-11 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-12 It’s been a couple years since the famed ‘bee ring photo’ was taken, so here’s a new one to add to the collection of awesome ring shots…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-13 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-14 Love these stunning portraits of you, Kelly! WOWZA!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-15 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-16-17 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-18

And a few of us enjoying the day and doing our thing…

eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-19 Michael helping to keep Kelly smiling during her glam shots. Although we’re not exactly sure she needed any help. ;o)eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-20 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_kelly_michael-21

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can : all
of them make me laugh.
W. H. Auden
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