Kelly & Clay // Wedding at The Himelright Lodge

Kelly & Clay have to be one of our smiliest (that’s a word, right?) couples we’ve ever photographed. They would make faces at each other and then just burst into laughter. And wow, does that make our job easy. They were so excited to be on this adventure together and their entire day was filled with such JOY, which is the exact word for a wedding day. We’ve known Kelly for a few years as a fellow wedding videographer so when she asked us to do her wedding we were honored and thrilled. We loved every moment of Kelly & Clay’s day and we can’t wait to show you, so here’s a little preview of what a sunset looks like through our lens…

But before that beautiful moment, here’s how the day began… We always enjoy a fun first-look, and Kelly & Clay’s reactions were priceless. ;o) You guys had such a fun group! Great smile #257 for the day and we weren’t even to the ceremony yet… Such beautiful portraits, Kelly! And Clay, you shined up nicely too. Back to the church and then it’s time to get official! And that’s how excited you should feel to get hitched! One of our new favorite locations. Himelright Lodge was SO BEAUTIFUL from every angle, and with these two, it just couldn’t be better… If you ever have a donut craving, check out Honey Girl Donuts. Life is short. Make it sweet. And they did… When the sun is about to set, it’s always fun to grab the bride & groom for 5 minutes and see what we can create. And these, WE LOVE THEM! No filters. No fake lens flare. Just love and sunlight… Who needs to play air guitar when you can play air bass violin and air mouth harp ;o) And when bubbles or sparklers aren’t an option, glow sticks look awesome too!

And a few of us doing our thing. This is Christy’s best cheerleader pose…
The cutest test-subject ever… (Love you, babe.)

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
Emily Bronte
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