Katie & Travis // Engagement Session at The Ledges in Peninsula

We’ve been excited to share our gorgeous engagement session with Katie and Travis from a few weeks ago because it’s such a lovely intro to Christmas this coming weekend! We started our afternoon with these two in downtown Peninsula where we found some green and red decorations that were perfect for the session. We were glad to get some classic sittin’-on-the-steps shots in an urban setting before moving into the forest where we explored The Ledges for some moody and romantic moments. Katie and Travis were really sweet and natural together and they even brought along some Christmas lights to add some extra cheer to the dark forest and we love how those ones turned out! So enjoy some early holiday happiness with this super cute couple…

eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-1 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-2-3 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-4 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-5 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-6 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-7 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-8-9 We love the colors and textures in this ring shot…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-10 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-11 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-12-13 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-14 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-15 You two are so cute together!eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-16 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-17 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-18 We love the mixture of these fun candid and dramatic posed photos…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-19-20 One of our favorites from the day. We love how your laughter brightens up the dark moody background…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-21 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-22 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-23 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-24 Gorgeous portraits, Katie!eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-25-26 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-27 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-28

And a few of us enjoying the day and doing our thing…eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-29 eric_and_christy_photography_blog_katie_travis-30

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint Exupery
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