Julie & Adam // Engagement at Munroe Falls Park

Julie & Adam had one of those perfect sunny fall days for their engagement session a few weeks ago. The light was strong and bright and made everything glow, and when you mix that with the warmth of these two, it’s just beautiful. Julie & Adam are a really cute couple and we loved watching them be sweet, goofy and plain ol’ adorable together during the session. We had a really wonderful time with them and we can’t wait for the wedding next year so we can work with them again. But for now, we’ve got these great photos from their session for you to enjoy…

Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-1 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-2-3 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-4 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-5 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-6 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-7-8 We love these gorgeous portraits, Julie!Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-9 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-10-11 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-12 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-13 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-14 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-15 You guys are super sweet and cute together!Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-16 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-17-18 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-19 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-20 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-21 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-22 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-23 We love all these ones through the leaves…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-24-25 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-26 A couple made in Cleveland. Literally. We heard the story…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-27-28

Adam behind the camera helping Julie keep a big smile. ;o)Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-29 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-30 Yoga + Photography. No problem mixing work with pleasure.Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Julie_Adam-31

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