Joan & John and Family // Family Session in Kent

Joan & John have an amazingly cute family. As you’ll soon see, that’s the most obvious statement we’ve ever made. Their daughter Kelly and husband Ray just added a new member to the family, Remi, who without being overtly obvious again is so stinkin’ cute! Their other daughter Kristen is really sweet and has a dramatic side that the camera loves. Joan & John are one of our favorite couples and it’s always a pleasure to spend time with people that we know and be able to see a new side of them when we get close with a camera because you never know what’s going to happen. We really loved capturing Joan & John’s special relationship and we’re so excited to share their family with you now…

Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-1 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-2 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-3 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-4 The new girl and the girls…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-5-6 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-7 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-8-9 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-10 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-11 Such a little cutie!Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-12-13 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-14 It’s always fun to see what couples will do when we say ‘OK…LAUGH’. Joan & John didn’t disappoint…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-15-16 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-17 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-18 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-19 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-20-21 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-22 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-23 We could photograph a blonde in the sunlight all day. We loved how Kristen could jump between fun and smiley to dramatic and moody so quickly…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-24-25 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-26 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-27 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-28 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-29 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-30-31 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-32 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-33 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-34 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-35-36 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-37 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-38-39 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-40

And a few of miss-prego directing traffic…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-41 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Cannon_Family-42

The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.
Lee Iacocca
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