Eric & Christy // Our Family Session in Akron

So just in case you wondered what we’ve been up to the last few months, we thought we’d show you the toddler we’ve been chasing around. We asked our good friend Paul to shoot a quick session for us last month. It’s always good practice for us to be in front of the camera again. It feels like just yesterday that we were posting our Plus One Session on this blog. We now understand how fast time flies with a kid. Philip is now 20 months old and he is a total boy and a true toddler. He loves reading, rocks, trucks, running, being chased while running, smiling, not smiling when you want him to (we didn’t show the bloopers and there were plenty) and so many other incredibly cute things. We’ve really enjoyed having so much family time for hikes and playing together the last few months and we’ve loved watching him grow in every way each day. On a side note, Christy has been growing her hair out this year for something new. Just in case you didn’t notice. So here we are…

Those stormy blue eyes!!! Oh, the rocks. Always wants the rocks… I couldn’t let the afternoon end without snagging a few of my gorgeous lady…

So here’s our friend Paul rockin’ it with our 70-200. His 35 was a nice mix with it. Thanks again for the great pics! And now we understand what it’s like to run after a toddler over and over again during a session. We want you to know, that now we know. And we feel for you.

Being a family means you are part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.
Lisa Weed
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