Emily & Ryan // Wedding at the Tallmadge Historical Church

It would be an understatement to just say that Emily and Ryan’s wedding day was beautiful from start to finish. It was so much more in every way. It not only looked incredible, it felt amazing too. Watching Emily and Ryan together and working with them throughout the day was pure joy and we were honored to share such a special time with them.

The preparations began at home where Emily’s pups could be part of the morning activities before we headed to the Tallmadge Historical Church in the circle of Tallmadge for the ceremony. A longtime friend performed the service which was very emotional for everyone and a great personal touch to the day. The bridal party was super fun, so group photos were entertaining to say the least. After those events of the day were finished, we finally had some alone time with Emily and Ryan which we just loved and couldn’t get enough of. The mix of Emily’s stunning dress and Ryan’s Bond-ish style was such a perfect accent to their sweet and romantic interactions with each other. After portraits, there was nothing left but party time and we can’t even explain the fun and chaos that ensued once the dance floor opened up for the night. So now that you know how incredible the day was, here’s the proof…

eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-1 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-2-3 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-4 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-5-6 We always love the moments right before the ceremony…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-7 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-8 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-9-10 Such a beautiful little church…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-11 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-12-13 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-14 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-15-16 Now THAT’s how it’s done!eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-17 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-18 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-19-20 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-21 A few in front of the church and then we headed to the park for groups and portraits…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-22 You guys were such a FUN group!eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-23 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-24 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-25 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-26 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-27 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-28 The day was gorgeous and we had some extra time for portraits with Emily and Ryan so we were thrilled! We could have taken pictures all day with these two. You’ll soon see why…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-29 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-30 You two are such a great looking couple!eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-31-32 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-33 And Emily, you’re just totally stunning. And that dress looks incredible on you!eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-34-35 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-36 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-37-38 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-39 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-40-41 The sunlight and the colors were absolutely perfect…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-42 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-43 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-44 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-45 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-46-49 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-48 We could have been done after those portraits and been happy, but we had some time still so we walked around and found another gorgeous location, so we just kept taking photos… And oh my my, we LOVE these. We love every one from this day, but these just melt our hearts in that certain special way…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-50 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-51 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-52-54 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-53 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-55 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-56-57 And then it was party time…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-58-59 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-60 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-61-62 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-63 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-64-65 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-66-67 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-68-69 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-70 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-71-72 The groomsmen had a special song dedicated to Ryan and then some. Women and children covers your eyes for your safety…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-73-74 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-75

And a few of us enjoying the day and doing our thing…

Obviously I was a little distracted during the getting ready time. I’m a sucker for cute pups.eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-76 Sometimes the wind has other ideas about the veil…eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-77 eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-78 These place cards made our night. :o)eric_and_christy_photographers_wedding_blog_emily_ryan-79-80

We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love.
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