Elise & Jordan // Engagement Session at Munroe Falls Metro Park

How do we explain our day with Elise and Jordan? Well… they’re quirky. They’re cute. She’s a hottie. He’s a stud. Plus, they’re full of laughter and love, which might be the greatest combination on the planet. Mix all of this with the fact that we were lucky enough to have an absolutely perfect fall day for their photos and that’s the day we had. Boom! We couldn’t have been more happy with the results and we’ve been so excited to get them on the blog. We just hope their extreme cuteness doesn’t crash the internet…

eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-1 We love how your personalities came out right away in the photos…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-2 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-3 Here’s a great example of why we love to photograph at the same time with different lenses. 2 perspectives. 2x the awesome. Christy on the Left // Eric on the Righteric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-4-5 So. Stinkin’. CUTE.eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-6 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-7-8 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-9 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-10 We could have stopped after the first outfit and been happy forever, but nope, we had plenty more coming…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-11 We LOVED this location (we were literally standing in a parking lot) with the sunlight coming through the trees. We could have stayed there all afternoon with these two…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-12-13 OK. Just stop now. We already know you’re both ridiculously adorable…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-14 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-15-16 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-17 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-18 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-19-20 Even after all that, we still couldn’t stop ourselves from taking a hike through the woods for even more of this…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-21 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-22 These portraits are totally stunning, Elise!eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-23-24 Even bombshells have a quirky side…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-25 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-26eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-27 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-28 LOVE this one! Can’t beat fall colors surrounding a couple in love…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-29 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-30 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-31 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-32 And finally, we couldn’t end the session without some CLE team spirit. Now that’s a FORD advertisement waiting to happen… or a country music album cover.eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-33 The quirkiness couldn’t be contained…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-34-35 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-36

And a few of us enjoying the day and doing our thing…

My perfect ly/im perfect lady.eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-37 eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-38 This is how we help you feel romantic. And that’s me photographing the ring hanging from some tree bark. There’s no challenge if you find a spot for it closer to the ground…eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-39-40 The proper pose is on the right. Not sure what’s happening on the left.eric_and_christy_photographers_blog_elise_jordan-41

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Dr. Seuss
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