Courtney & Matt // Wedding at Winesburg Farm

Within the first few photos of this blog, you’ll understand why we absolutely LOVED this wedding day! Words can’t explain how gorgeous Courtney & Matt’s day was, which is why we’re happy to be photographers and not writers because these photos will say it all. Winesburg Farm is a historic estate built in the 1840s and is now one of our favorite wedding locations. Every direction we aimed the camera was beautiful and Courtney & Matt perfectly fit into every location and backdrop we tried. They were so sweet together and they gave us so much time to explore and work with them and we took every minute and created hundreds of incredible memories for them. Here’s just one to get you excited…

But before that, here’s how the morning started… Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful First-Look location. LOVE these ones… Courtney’s dress details were so gorgeous in all these intimate moments… When the dress and flowers are perfect for the bride and the location you just know it… Like we said, every single backdrop we tried was just incredible and Courtney & Matt looked perfect in all of them… There was no way to choose between these two (Above is Christy’s, Below is Eric’s), so you get both. Wow and Wow, Courtney! Such a fun bridal party! A girl’s best friend to share the joy… Five minutes before this photo, I had stepped outside to check the sky and it was just grey. Then all of a sudden everything turned orange and pink. And why not a rainbow too. ;o) So we grabbed Courtney & Matt and spent just a couple minutes getting these before it faded away, just like a wedding day. Here and then gone. And that’s why we are there, to save moments like this and make memories that last forever. And then it was back to dancing and party time!

And a few of us doing our thing… like taking a random mirror selfie. Christy is a great multitasker… It’s always wonderful to come inside after a long day of shooting to find a place for a moment of rest. Thanks, Courtney & Matt!

Love is like a friendship caught on fire.
Jeremy Taylor
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