Chloe // Grad Session in Kent

We have another amazing Grad Session for you today featuring Chloe. Pink dress, denim skirt, blue stripes, barefoot in jeans. Everything looks incredible on this girl! Chloe was super sweet and really fun to work with while we explored downtown Kent together. She’s a really stunning blonde and we’re so excited to share some of our favorites from her session…

Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-1-2 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-3 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-4 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-5 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-6-7 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-8 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-9 We always love a good brick wall for some classic senior pics. These are stunning, Chloe!Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-10 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-11 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-12 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-13-14 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-15 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-16-17 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-18 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-19-20 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-21 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-22-23 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-24 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-25-26 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-27 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-28-29 We were so excited to get down by the river on a perfect sunny day. We LOVE these photos!Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-30 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-31 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-32-33 Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-34

And a few of us doing our thing…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-35-36 It was worth stepping through a few puddles…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-37 Always fun to show the proud Mom a few early previews…Eric_and_Christy_Photography_Blog_Chloe-38

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