Brittany & Matt // Wedding in Shaker Heights

Brittany & Matt’s day was just…well, just so…well, beautiful, and incredible and oh who even cares because they had LIGHTSABERS and Lucky Charms! (But more of that later.) And yes, it was all those things and a whole lot more. They started with an amazing First-Look at the park they were engaged, which was a super romantic way to begin their wedding journey. And if it all starts this gorgeous then you know the rest of the day is going to be even better…

But before that beautiful portrait, she had to surprise him first…
We’d say that’s “YES” to the dress. And the bride… After a lovely First-Look, it was ceremony time… And you’re MARRIED! What a fantastic group of friends to share a day with! You two looked so incredibly happy together! We LOVED this location and just kept finding cool angles to photograph… Now THAT’S what you call a bride & groom entrance! And for this, you’ll just have to ask them the story… Oh yeah, now you know the music is up and dance floor is open… Some good moments from the bouquet and lightsaber toss… And these might be some of our favorite exit photos ever!

And a few of us doing our thing…

Always in motion is the future.
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