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Megan & Nathan // Wedding in Willoughby Hills

When people say “winter wonderland wedding” from now on, they’ll most likely be referring to Megan & Nathan’s amazing day. And what an amazing day it was! Not only was the snow beautiful, but we had a bride & groom who were totally excited about their day and willing to be adventurous in the 17 degree […]

Lauren & Jonathan // Wedding in Brunswick

We were so grateful to be included in Lauren & Jonathan’s beautiful day. They had been officially married during the summer at a small family ceremony and then had a larger celebration with extended family and friends this fall that we photographed. From what we could see, all the heightened emotion and joy was present […]

Eva & Andrew // Wedding in Cleveland

We had one of those perfect fall days with Eva & Andrew that photographers always hope for. And when the couple is so sweet, snugly, and visibly in love, it just adds to the perfection and beauty of the day. We really loved our afternoon with Eva & Andrew at the park between the events of […]

Stacy & Greg // Wedding in Downtown Columbus and The Boat House

We were thrilled to have the chance to explore the beautiful city of Columbus during Stacy & Greg’s incredible wedding day. New locations always excite us and when the couple is as photogenic and cute together as these two, then it’s always going to be amazing day. We started the morning with some fun champagne […]

Kelly & Matt // Wedding at Brookside Farms

Are you ready for a gorgeous farm wedding with cowboy boots and cupcakes? Kelly & Matt came all the way from Texas to enjoy their wedding day with family and friends in Ohio and we’re so happy they made the trip. They’re a really warm and wonderful couple and we had so much fun during […]

Kelly & Michael // Wedding in Stow

We’ve been waiting to work with Kelly and Michael again since their incredible engagement session last year. Check it out! At the time, we called them one of our “cutest, sweetest and giggliest couples” and we were so happy to find that they haven’t changed one bit. Not that we expected them to. ;o) They’re day […]

Kaylee & Nathan // Wedding in Canton

Kaylee & Nathan had a beautiful summer wedding day filled with sunshine and tons of laughter from friends and family. The most memorable part of the day was watching Kaylee & Nathan enjoy each other and ‘live in the moment’ of their day as they laughed together and let the joy flow out of their […]

Shelby & Dony // Wedding in Akron

We were counting down the days until Shelby and Dony’s wedding arrived and when it did, it was filled with sunshine, laughter and so much love, which means it was a perfect and beautiful day. Shelby and Dony are so sweet together and we felt their affection for each other throughout the day. Their families and […]

Anne & Michael // Wedding in Cleveland and Happy Days Lodge

Every wedding is special and unique, and Anne & Michael’s was definitely that and so much more. They had one of those incredible weddings where happiness, joy and laughter fill every moment of the day and you can’t help but smile and enjoy it along with them. We have really enjoyed getting to know Anne & Michael […]

Katie & Travis // Wedding at the Tallmadge Historic Church

Welcome back to the blog after those long winter months! We hope you’ve been counting down the days with us because we’ve missed you and we’re excited to share some new couples with you! We’re having a great start to our summer wedding season and we’ve already worked with some incredible couples that we just […]

Lindsey & David // Wedding at The Arcade in Cleveland

Winter weddings. Most people are afraid to speak those two words in the same sentence and we admit that they are not a common occurrence for us, but we couldn’t have been happier to enjoy such a beautiful February day with Lindsey & David for our first wedding of 2017. We were blessed with a […]

Best Photos of 2016 // Wedding Portraits

Today we are sharing some of our favorite wedding portraits of 2016. Unlike candid moments (as we shared last week) these represent the purposeful and planned photos of the day. The posed and dramatic reflection of the couple. We really enjoy this part of the wedding day because the couple finally has time to breathe, relax and share some intimate time together away from the […]

Best Photos of 2016 // Wedding Moments

Today we bring you some of our favorite wedding moments of 2016. These photos represent the reason we love our job and why we chose from day one to focus our business on weddings and couples. Weddings are an adventure, a challenge and an honor to photograph. We have one chance to create magic and capture […]

Kristine & Jacob // Wedding at Greystone Hall in Downtown Akron

We had the pleasure of photographing our last wedding of 2016 with Kristine and Jacob, who are simply one of the sweetest couples we’ve worked with all year. This fact was later confirmed during the reception toasts when they were described as “sweet as a peach” and “the nicest guy in the world”. Sounds about right! […]

Lisa & Tyler // Wedding at The Chapel in Downtown Akron

Lisa and Tyler are proof that laugher is a key ingredient in a great relationship and a successful/fun/enjoyable wedding day. Windy in the 40’s with threatening rain clouds? Who cares when you’re having such a good time! We started the morning at The Chapel in downtown Akron where Lisa and Tyler had a First-Look and […]

Emily & Ryan // Wedding at the Tallmadge Historical Church

It would be an understatement to just say that Emily and Ryan’s wedding day was beautiful from start to finish. It was so much more in every way. It not only looked incredible, it felt amazing too. Watching Emily and Ryan together and working with them throughout the day was pure joy and we were honored to share such […]