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Erica & Mike // Engagement Session in Downtown Peninsula

Erica & Mike are not only a super cute couple and a pleasure to photograph, they’re also really brave. Have you seen The Revenant? Well, these guys should get an Oscar like Leo did for surviving a session on a 12 degree afternoon. Coats off for a few? Sure, why not. Look happy and not […]

Megan & Nate // Engagement Session in Downtown Kent

Megan & Nate are getting married soon after Christmas, so we were glad to fit in an engagement session with them while there was still some beautiful color on the trees last month. We had a great time with them enjoying one of our favorite locations, Downtown Kent, which never disappoints. Megan & Nate were really sweet […]

Stephanie & Nick // Engagement Session at The Ledges

Stephanie & Nick wanted to explore The Ledges for their engagement session so we were super excited because it’s one of our favorite locations to hike and also photograph. We love the deep, rich colors and the various layers and textures that the forest creates in our pictures and especially how it changes and deepens […]

Julie & Adam // Engagement Session at Munroe Falls Park

Julie & Adam had one of those perfect sunny fall days for their engagement session a few weeks ago. The light was strong and bright and made everything glow, and when you mix that with the warmth of these two, it’s just beautiful. Julie & Adam are a really cute couple and we loved watching […]

Karen & Nick // Engagement Session at Kendall Lake

Karen & Nick are next in the line of great couples we’ve worked with this summer. But unlike other couples, I (Eric) actually work with Nick at the hospital, which always makes a session or wedding more fun when we personally know the couple. He’s a pediatric nurse and she’s a teacher. I mean, come on, […]

Paige & Eric // Engagement Session at The Ledges

Paige & Eric must have special ordered a perfect summer day for their engagement session because that’s what we had at The Ledges with them. Not only are they a super sweet couple, but their puppy we got to meet is super cute too (you’ll see her later, don’t worry). Paige & Eric were troopers […]

Kelly & Matt // Engagement Session in Downtown Kent

We have a super fun session for you today! We recently met up with Kelly & Matt in Downtown Kent for our first meeting together and an E-session all in one. They’re both currently living in Texas and had a couple days in town so we were glad to have a few hours in between […]

Best Photos of 2016 // Engagement

We want to start our first blog post this year by saying a big ‘THANKS!’ to all our amazing couples, followers and friends who made 2016 such an incredible year for us! And what better way to get excited for 2017 than by looking back at some of our favorite photos from this past year. Today […]

Katie & Travis // Engagement Session at The Ledges in Peninsula

We’ve been excited to share our gorgeous engagement session with Katie and Travis from a few weeks ago because it’s such a lovely intro to Christmas this coming weekend! We started our afternoon with these two in downtown Peninsula where we found some green and red decorations that were perfect for the session. We were glad […]

Anne & Michael // Engagement Session at The Ledges

This blog couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. We’re finally into winter enough where we desperately miss the warmth of those amazing fall colors. Snowflakes are falling outside the window at this minute and we’re looking ahead to Christmas soon. Enter Anne & Michael… Not only did they have a gorgeous fall day […]

Elise & Jordan // Engagement Session at Munroe Falls Metro Park

How do we explain our day with Elise and Jordan? Well… they’re quirky. They’re cute. She’s a hottie. He’s a stud. Plus, they’re full of laughter and love, which might be the greatest combination on the planet. Mix all of this with the fact that we were lucky enough to have an absolutely perfect fall […]

Kelly & Michael // Engagement Session at the Nature Realm

We can’t remember the last time we laughed so loud or often during an engagement session as we did with Kelly and Michael. They’re without a doubt one of the cutest, sweetest and giggliest (yes, that is now a word) couples we’ve spent an afternoon with. This was our third time photographing Kelly; twice as a bridesmaid and now as a […]

Melissa & Shaun // Engagement Session in Downtown Akron

These two are 100% adorable. End of story. Well, not quite, because we can’t actually stop ourselves from saying more about this totally cute couple. Melissa and Shaun were so much fun to explore downtown Akron with. We can’t count the times we laughed with them or smiled at the preview screen on our cameras because it just kept getting […]

Julie & Rich // Engagement Session at The Ledges

We can’t begin to express how much we loved our engagement session with Julie and Rich at the Ledges in Peninsula. Mostly because it was just fun to watch Julie and Rich be together as a couple. It’s impossible not to feel the warmth of these two when you watch them and you see Julie’s […]

Ashley & Storm // Engagement Session in Downtown Kent

Please take a seat. You’ll need some extra time to enjoy this couple. Seriously, we can’t even begin to explain how psyched we are to share Ashley and Storm’s engagement session with you. In the words of Chandler Bing, “Could we BE any more excited?!?” We had been looking forward to this session for months […]