Chloe // Grad Session in Kent

We have another amazing Grad Session for you today featuring Chloe. Pink dress, denim skirt, blue stripes, barefoot in jeans. Everything looks incredible on this girl! Chloe was super sweet and really fun to work with while we explored downtown Kent together. She’s a really stunning blonde and we’re so excited to share some of our favorites […]

Brenna & Dray // Sibling Grad Session in Akron

Something special coming at you today… We did a combo sibling Grad Session with Brenna & Dray a few weeks ago in Downtown Akron. It was so much fun having the two of them to work with at the same time. Dray was heading off to college in a few days and of course, Mom […]

Patricia & Jason with Munchkins // Family Session in Hudson

This family is ridiculous… LY funny, cute, quirky, adorable and tons of other things we can’t properly explain so that’s why we take photos. Patti & Jason have their hands full with a house of redheads running around but that just means more FUN for everyone. Today’s melt-your-heart guests are (from big to small) Juliet, […]

Keara & Andy // Wedding in Akron & Happy Days Lodge

Keara & Andy got one of those gorgeous summer days that just wants to be a beautiful wedding day. And as you’ll soon see, it definitely was from start to finish. We loved so much about this wedding but most importantly for us, we loved the joy and laughter on everyone’s faces throughout the day. […]

Andrea & Clint // Engagement Session in Akron

Andrea & Clint had a long drive up from Columbus for their engagement session, but they must have practiced being smiley and cute together during the car ride because we just couldn’t stop it from happening during our session. Unless of course they’re actually like that all the time, which is what we were starting […]

Julie & Adam // Wedding in Cleveland

We always enjoy spending an afternoon in Cleveland, especially when it’s for a beautiful wedding day like Julie & Adam’s. They had all the right ingredients for some amazing photos: sweet couple, fun bridal party, perfect sunny weather and some incredible locations. We loved so much about their day and we’re super thrilled to be […]

April & Logan // Wedding in Cuyahoga Falls

April & Logan are a really sweet and genuine couple and if you didn’t know that about them already, you will after looking through these photos. Their wedding day was really wonderful to be a part of and we loved watching and being close to so much joy and laughter. We also got to stay […]

Kelsey & Ian // Engagement Session in Downtown Akron

We always love spending an afternoon with close friends and this day it was Kelsey & Ian’s turn in front of the camera. We’ve known them for several years but you never really know someone until they’re in front of the camera where you can see the details of who they are and the relationship […]

Paige & Eric // Wedding in Hudson

We’ve been so excited to get this wedding up on the blog because we know you’ll love it as much as we do. Paige & Eric’s day was gorgeous from start to finish and even that’s somewhat of an understatement. There were so many wonderful moments to capture throughout the day and we wish there […]

Laura & Jamal // Engagement Session in Akron

Laura & Jamal are special friends of ours and we’re so excited for their wedding this year. For one thing, Christy gets to join the fun this time as a bridesmaid instead of carrying a camera around all day. And since we’ll be in on the party this time, we were happy to get the chance […]

Stacey & Geoff // Engagement Session in Downtown Akron

Stacey & Geoff are one of those couples who can’t take a grumpy looking photo. Period. Even if they tried not to smile for a second or if we caught them in between moments of shooting, they would then spontaneously burst into laughter again. This is just who they are and the relationship they have, which […]

Karen & Nick // Wedding in Downtown Akron

Karen & Nick are such a sweet and genuine couple and we’ve been excited to photograph their wedding ever since their engagement session last year. If you missed that, check it out here. The month of March is always a little risky for weather, but we were gifted with a beautiful sunny (still chilly) day for […]

Best Photos of 2017 // Wedding Moments

This week we share some of our favorite MOMENTS from our 2017 weddings. These are the once-in-a-lifetime, blink-and-you-miss-them, gone-in-a-second moments that we love to capture. These can be very big events and still overlooked, obscured by distractions, or they can be very small and intimate, hidden by the noise. These are the parts of the day that […]

Best Photos of 2017 // Wedding Portraits

First things first… We want to say a big THANK YOU to all our incredible brides and grooms from 2017, because without you we wouldn’t have any photos to share. You are all so beautiful, so much fun and truly wonderful to work with. Thank you for trusting us and giving us the time we […]

Best Photos of 2017 // Engagement

One of the best ways for us to get excited about the coming wedding season is to look back at all the incredible couples we have been able to work with during the past year. And we thought you’d like to enjoy some of our 2017 favorites as well, so here they are! And stay tuned […]

Megan & Nathan // Wedding in Willoughby Hills

When people say “winter wonderland wedding” from now on, they’ll most likely be referring to Megan & Nathan’s amazing day. And what an amazing day it was! Not only was the snow beautiful, but we had a bride & groom who were totally excited about their day and willing to be adventurous in the 17 degree […]